We love films. Not only we go to the movies, but we also write and produce original stories, both shorts and features.
We’re a member of the Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce (KIPA)
and the Polish Animation Producers Association (SPPA)


Klingert's Diving Suit


animation, for kids, 15minutes

Action and adventure story for family audience about a little girl who tries to find her missing brother and reunite her family. Her father Karl Klingert is a famous inventor, who in 1797 built first in the world diving suit. The girl takes the suit for a monster and decides to destroy it.

Premiere: 2018

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Forest Disputes


Serial animowany, dla dzieci
13 x 7 minut

Serial o podstawach prawa. W każdym odcinku na słonecznej polanie przed leśnym sądem jest rozwiązywany jeden problem. Gdy mądry sędzia Żubr wyśpiewuje swój werdykt, wszyscy bawią się i tańczą.

Zobacz scenę testową



feature film, 15 minutes

It’s an unrom-com about romantic love – sincere, naïve, pretentious and gauche. The central character is 17 and spends all his days suffering and thinking about Monika, his neighbour and the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, Monika has a boyfriend and our hero will have to try very hard before she starts treating him as something more than a one-night stand.

WSZYSTKO is the first Polish film to be produced using crowdfunding. The director raised the funds needed for the production through the website Thanks to the online support it was possible to shoot the film on 16 mm film with cinematic quality.

The distributor, Spectator, released WSZYSTKO in cinemas around Poland as a supporting programme to the Swedish film MISS KICKI on 18 April 2011. On 16 May 2012 the film was made available to be watched online for no charge, where it’s been seen by almost 200 000 viewers. 

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The Gingers


Feature, comedy, Christmas musical

In a charming small town, Maurice and his family (including a weird guy in a cat costume) run a traditional gingerbread shop. Just before Christmas they are visited by Maurice’s sister, Bogacka, who has an evil plan to demolish their house. To stop this, they need a large sum of money, fast. They decide to bake gingerbread in a talent show. However, Maurice’s teenage daughter, Julia, dreams of being a singer and performing solo. She is torn between making her dream come true and helping her family. Everything falls into pieces, but eventually they realize what being a family is all about.

The project was developed on Kids Film Pro workshop in 2016-2017.



Live-action, feature

Drama about people who seek the truth about the death of their child and unexpectedly have to face the truth about themselves as parents.


People I'm Not


feature, drama, in development

Michael Suter doesn't want to be connected to any specific place, not even to be himself anymore. His job is to visit incognito hotels, banks, stores etc. pretending to be a customer. The only way he relates to other people is by acting as someone he's not. Some months ago, he carried out an unusual mission, after which a man was fired and committed suicide. Since then, Michael's guilt pushes him to try and help Anna – the dead man's wife. When he finally approaches her, he does this the only way he knows: by pretending to be someone else. Their relationship is very subtle. When Michael starts re-enacting her husband's presence, it turns into a sort of tender yet disturbing role playing game. As the woman takes the game to its extreme and dangerous consequences, Michael has finally to decide whether to stay with her as a simulacrum of someone else, or to tell the truth and be himself.

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Wartime Portraits


Documentary cycle, 5 x 25 minutes

We’re co-producing a cycle of remarkable documentary films – unknown stories from the Second World War – with SHIPsBOY. Young directors have combined archive photographs and footage, film stills and animation in a modern way to present the lives of Polish heroes: Bronisław Hellwig, Jan Zumbach, Józef Beck, Zdzisław Pacak-Kuźmirski and Jan Grudziński. The cycle doesn’t only show spectacular and heroic episodes from Polish history, but above all reminds audiences about the importance of courage in our lives.

Wartime Portraits is the second SHIPsBOY and Artcore co-production. We’re responsible for the editing and sound of the entire cycle.



Full-length feature film

We've made sound to our first full-length co-production in partnership with Wajda Studio. It’s the story of an artist overpowered by an obsession with death: not only his own death, but also the death of art, whose value in today’s world is determined by the market or institutional manipulation. In the main role, playing himself, is the renowned Warsaw artist, Oskar Dawicki. The film is a combination of performance and acting, with documental footage and a fictional narrative.

The sound postproduction was carried out in our studio.

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Nie wracaj do mnie w snach


Fabularny, 88 minut

Schyłek XIX wieku, Rzeczpospolita pod carskim zaborem. Geodeta Alvan i jego żona Emma spędzają czas w głuszy, wśród dzikiej natury. Pewnej nocy kobieta znika. Kiedy powróci, oboje nigdy już nie spojrzą na siebie tak jak dawniej. Tłem nasączonych emocjami zmagań kobiety i mężczyzny jest groźna i obojętna na ludzkie losy natura.

Premiera: 2017

Produkcja: Agrafka Film

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